“I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, where I earned a national diploma in Fine Art (major in drawing) from DLSAD (now IADT) Dublin. Living in the USA I earned an Associate degree summa cum lauda in Fine Arts (Studio) at CNM, Albuquerque, New Mexico. I graduated from the University of New Mexico summa cum lauda with a BFA in Art Studio (printmaking) and a minor in Psychology. In my artwork I utilize a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, and printmaking.

Having started over more than once, the need to adapt to new environments has clarified my concept of home. I believe that the land we know as children becomes imprinted on us and shapes who we become so that regardless of where we travel, we carry home, culture, and our history within us. At this point in my life I am returning to my roots, my family, and the community that helped form me as an artist.

My Journey

I was born and raised in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. I spent as much time as possible outdoors and the range of outdoor environments that are available in this area for a child to explore is surprising, from woods to the Irish Sea. I have made art as long as I can remember. Life took me in different directions and so it seems like a series of chapters in my story. It took a long time to come back to where I came from in order to make a new start.

Scribbling Gull Studio

Time to put what I have learned into action! Athy offered me what I was looking for – a shop that is a combination of an artist’s space and a retail outlet. Here I can create and sell my artwork, offer private art tuition, and the services of a talented, bespoke framer. Such a situation allows me to make a home, connect with the community, and develop a working environment to progress as an artist.

Back to Ireland

Returning to Ireland after many years, I settled into a new studio that was just around the corner from my old art school The school has moved on but the building is still there. I could touch the walls of the building and remember myself as a student, remember the staff and students, and the artists who guided and believed in me. My studio was just 10 minutes from where I grew up so my time here was all about reconnecting. I was returning to my roots, my family, and the community that helped form me as an artist.

Earning a degree

Earning a degree was a dream come true, giving me closure on an interrupted education. I was hungry to learn as much as possible. Through these years I was given love and support from my family and friends and met fabulous teachers along the way who gave generously of their expertise. I graduated in 2013 with a BFA summa cum lauda in Art Studio and a minor in Psychology.

The Land of Enchantment

Moving to New Mexico with two school age kids, I volunteered in elementary, middle, and high schools. I discovered the Art in the School (AIS) program and with them I gained training and confidence. I went on to volunteer in the schools for about 10 years in my capacity as an artist. My experience included giving general art classes, facilitating drama students with set painting and workshops, guiding kids with landscape design, and facilitating the creation of six large murals. During this period I met generous and knowledgeable people and was given opportunities to develop many of my interests. Ultimately I was guided to return to full time education.

The Golden State

My little family moved from Ireland to sunny California, where my second son was born. We made a new life and many wonderful friends. I volunteered in the schools, starting off in the classroom and finishing with a huge indoor mural, which was completed days before leaving San Diego. Creating a large-scale painting is exciting but using it as a teaching opportunity involving people of all ages and experience, is truly rewarding. This was a time of developing my visual language, while producing and exhibiting new work. We packed up and left California during a heat wave and drove to the Southwest to start over.

Dublin in the ‘80’s

This period was for me all about being a mother for the first time and the consequent motivation to get my act together. For six years I had the privilege of working as an assistant lecturer in 3D studies, with a mentor, and many opportunities to learn about art and teaching, and how to use the exciting new personal computer. I continued to work as a freelance artist, mainly in portraiture. Life is never predictable and this period ended with farewells at the airport and two flights to a new country and a new life.

Growing up

Born in the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, I grew up drawing and being encouraged to do so. In school I studied art and was accepted into Art School at 17. The experience was life changing. However, after a year I took a break to grow up a bit. Like many before me I took the ferry to Holyhead and the boat train to London, which became home for about three years. I made good friends and loved the city that offered so many art galleries, theaters, museums, real ale, night classes, and second hand bookshops – Heaven! I became more focused and returned to Ireland and art school, earning a National Diploma in Fine Art, with a major in drawing. Then I packed my bags again and went back across the Irish Sea!